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Why Gonzo Selling!?  Because I get asked all the time, How do you do it?  And you won’t find much how-to-sell material inside my HIRED GUN books.


Gonzo Selling! vs. HIRED GUN books


The goal of the HIRED GUN books has never been about how-to-sell.  They’ve always been about helping you deal with career and life changes that result from your success.  They predict what happens in your life and career as your company’s top #1 revenue producer.

The HIRED GUN books provide an existential foundation necessary to achieve your true top potential.  They provide experientially based career sales advice.  Suggestions to help you thrive despite office politics and unforseen adversities in the sales profession you will likely encounter.

But they do not teach how-to-sell; they do not show How I Do It.


Well Pilgrim, now I’m showing you how I do it


Gonzo Selling! delivers a different kind of sales career advice.  In these blogs I’m concerned with bottom line results, not your company’s formulaic and process-oriented MAQs, KPIs, SPCs, CACs, CLVs.

On these fun-filled pages, I’m concerned with getting your deals done; not with your company’s run-rate revenue stream or bottom line net, net profit.

And I’m not concerned with your company’s CEO, CFO, COO or Vice President of Paperclips.  I’m concerned with you.


You’re the tiger catcher


You’re the hunter-gatherer who finds the tiger, bags the tiger, drags the fighting, clawing wild cat back to your company’s tent and throws it in. 

You’re the one in the trenches every day engaging in direct sales activity, competing against others on your own team, fighting for revenue against your competition.

You’re also the one who has to produce: activity reports, expense reports, revenue projections, pipeline updates and sales forecasts.

Plus you also get to attend sales meetings, role play meetings, 1-on-1 meetings with your manager and new hire introduction meetings.

Then there are non-sales meetings: tech updates, quarterly kick-offs, annual state-of-the-company meetings, and TED Talk viewings and discussions.

All while you enter data by the minute into your company’s CRM.

All that constant activity can make it difficult, as John Heywood wrote in 1546, “to see the forest for the trees”.

The HIRED GUN books are the forest, dealing with your life as a result of your success.

Gonzo Selling! is the trees – how to be successful, gonzo style.


Your sales career advice from the Hired Gun


The sales career advice in these blogs and articles emanates from the life and career of a sales hired gun.  Someone who’s seen it, learned it, done it, won at it, got bushwhacked, healed up, fought back and won again.  Then got ambushed again, healed up, retaliated and won again.  Then got shot again, healed up, got back on that horse, won again … and so it goes.


No brag. Just fact.


Gonzo Selling! brings you ongoing out-of-the-box (HG Note: What box?) sales education.  It’s a compendium of moves you can make – right now – that can cause substantial increases in your sales, your income and your life.  It’s where we learn and laugh at sales nuggets that Get Deals Done but seem so – secret.

( …Whooooooo … sales secrets … )


These things they don’t teach in school


Please understand I admire sales speakers and trainers and sincerely hope none of this comes across as discounting any one of them.

I’ve learned much of what I know from several of the world’s leading sales figures and wouldn’t be anywhere in this fine profession without them.  None of us would.

I know several sales experts for whom I’d be honored to carry their briefcase into a meeting.

There are excellent sales leaders and trainers available if you want to learn proven sales strategies and tactics that produce predictable, desirable results.

I will recommend my personal list of Magnificent Seven truly awesome sales leaders and trainers to you in a future Gonzo Selling! Coming Soon!

But my blogs, books and videos are not designed to help master the A-B-Cs of selling in Sales 101. Those experts I admire and refer to above are more professionally skilled at that than I am.


“Oh, you wouldn’t know them darling.  They’re respectable.”
Are you the recipient of comments like this from time to time?


This sales career advice is outside conventional white papers and process oriented sales strategies. You won’t learn this stuff in sales meetings, sales seminars, sales training books, TED talks or videos.  But you’ll learn it from me, because as Clint Eastwood noted in the movie Magnum Force:


A man’s got to know his limitations


My limitations are, years ago I crashed through a glorious glass double doorway in the corridors of sales. This exit, stage left marked my departure from life as a well trained aim-and-fire conscious competent sales rep to a hip shooting unconscious competent sales leader.

This is the portal you too will pass through.  When you become a sales hired gun you leave behind granular day-to-day details of selling.  You step into the shoes of the clutch hitter, the winner, the top #1 salesperson.  If you like the fit and feel, you never want to leave.

What this all means is simply this.  A sales hired gun doesn’t often give a lot of conscious thought to the process of what they do in a sales project when they get going.  They pretty much just do it.


Can I move?  I’m better when I move.


This isn’t always a great thing; often I can’t explain about what I just did.  I can’t show my algebraic work process to illustrate how I arrived at the solution.  I just know it’s – 9.  And I can’t teach what I don’t think about.

What I know well and can transfer as skill sets are the things I can’t possibly forget and that other salespeople don’t know – because we (myself and my colleagues at the time) made most of them up.

And that’s what you’ll get in Gonzo Selling! – pure unadulterated Robert Danger Workman, for better or for worse.


Hear no evil, See no evil


My hope is that you find these gambits to be advantageous and that you win success with some of them.

My desire is to help you achieve things you never thought you could, by means you aren’t likely to see from anyone else.

My reward will be hearing your laughter, then hearing about your bank account increase.

The purpose of Gonzo Selling! is to help you transition into a hired gun in sales.

You’ll know you’re there when Your Boss hand picks you – and nobody else – to win back a disappointed client.

Apparently this highly prized client was lost by your company’s new emphasis on Policy over Customer Success.

Translated, this means their CEO and Your Boss had a personality run in and the client quit.

So Your Boss is in no position to get the account back – but you are.

Your Boss knows you’ll stride confidently into your meeting with their CEO.  You’ll correct the issues and stride back out with a bigger done deal than ever before.

That’s a hired gun in sales.


‘Nuff Said


Here are some titles coming soon to an inbox near you:


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If the concepts behind those titles peak your interest – Stay Tuned!


“If you are really thankful, what do you do?  You share.”
W. Clement Stone

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