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Magnificent Seven Sales Trainers


If you’re seeking training for sales excellence, seven of the best sources in the world are identified for you right here; I call them My Magnificent Seven.

Your friendly neighborhood sales hired gun is currently developing two all-new new series of sales and sales management learning management systems!

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These series are both based on the exact same philosophies and methods, strategies and tactics that propelled me to great success in a professional selling career that spanned over 40 years.

They are based on what I learned from the Masters, plus what I learned on my own.  They are designed to help you become a salesperson the caliber of an Unconscious Competent, a deal closer, a gunslinger – a sales hired gun.

The skills involved in each of the two different series are multipliable.  I was able to use them successfully in four different industries and many different companies.

They worked for me; they’ll work for you.

But right now, these aren’t ready to release.


Meet My Magnificent Seven


As I came up through the ranks in sales, I looked for the best sources I could find for new ideas that would advance my sales career.

I found them.

I also ran into a lot of mouthpieces.  A lot of theory and thinking; a lot of academics with white papers and books written; no experience.

The importance of today’s Gonzo Selling! blog is that you will enjoy not one, but two! huge benefits from its content.


– You will have at your fingertips direct online contact with the best sales trainers and speakers in the world.

– You won’t have to hack through the shysters and charlatans and academics to find them. 


They’re right here:

These are not presented in any form of order, ranking or otherwise.  If I could choose only one of these world leaders for my sales mentor, frankly, it would be one heluva tough choice to make.

But you have access to all of them, right here, right now, last week, this week and next week.  I will provide information on two each week, three in week three.


Here we go!


For your convenience, below is my personal Magnificent Seven list of the top sales speakers and trainers in the world today, along with their websites.

I highly recommend visiting them for more information about the outstanding sales training and sales culture improvement programs available:



“Discover your purpose and realize your full potential.”

This world-class speaker and sales trainer is unbelievably accessible. If you go to his website, you will find his open invitation:

“Feel free to contact me! Whether you have a question, comment, request, thought or experience, feel free to reach out, and I will reach back!”

My only question is, what are you waiting for?


Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews Thom Winninger on Price Wars



Dr. Tony

Dr. Tony’s offerings are so vast and his experience so great, it’s best to summarize directly from his website:

“Dr. Alessandra has a streetwise, college-smart perspective on business, having been raised in the housing projects of NYC to eventually realizing success as a graduate professor of marketing, internet entrepreneur, business author, and hall-of-fame keynote speaker.

He earned a BBA from Notre Dame, an MBA from the University of Connecticut and his PhD in marketing in 1976 from Georgia State University.

His focus is on how to create instant rapport with prospects, employees and vendors; how to convert prospects and customers into business apostles who will ‘preach the gospel’ about your company and products; and how to out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition.”

I will put him in perspective with this simple measurement: Your friendly neighborhood Sales Hired Gun has written two business books. Dr. Tony has written 30.


The Platinum Rule by Dr. Tony Allesandra

Check out these two great men and their web sites.  It will only do you good.

‘Nuff Said


Check back next week for three more of 


The Sales Hired Gun’s     

Magnificent Seven Sales Trainers




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