Play to Win II

        I’ve never been so proud to be a Philly            


I’ve never been so proud to be a Philly than when I had to disguise myself as a Cub.


More about that in a minute ….


Here is your life lesson from this Blog – right up front.


When you’re at the plate, your job is to hit. 


You lay off pitches you can’t hit well or that are obvious balls. 


Then you watch a pitch come in.  You think, “I can hit that one.” 


You swing, hit it and ground out to the shortstop.


Opposed to this, you don’t chase pitches that you  – Think You Can Hit.


You wait for that pitch you know you will crush.


You exert this disclipline and lay off the ones you might hit well.


Don’t chase things just because you have the capability to go after them. 


Go after what you determine is your sweet spot, your strong suit, your passion.


That’s how you hit home runs.


How was your sales month of October?


You just wrapped up your month of sales production.  How did you do?


Have you been able to figure out how to make lemonade out of lemons due to the Covid’s effect on sales and selling?


Selling Amid Adversity


Winners figure out ways to win, especially in times of adversity.


For example, I keep tabs on in-the-field selling with a number of sales contacts.


Many have moved to new positions.  Others have modified their modus operandi in their jobs to fit the times. 


Both are having banner months.


Are your sales seemingly ironically, up? 


What changes have you made to continue your production excellence?


Is it something that can lead you to other creative ideas to improve your production even more?


If you had a great October, 2020 – you’re gold.


If your company’s fiscal year ended October 31 and you hit a home run that last day of Halloween, 10.31.2020 – you’re Golden.


This is testimony from one who knows that feeling, from a different year of adversity. 


Our Boston Red Sox fan CEO personally texted me with, “That’s David Ortiz!” then called on the phone.


It was a special feeling to receive that electronic business office applause to end our sales “season” in October. 


It felt similar to receiving a World Series championship ring on an autumn ball field.


As a result of nine trips to the MSBL World Series Tournament, four championship rings reflect the lights in my den and five finals loser awards gather dust in my clothes drawer. 


But that changed last week.


Your humble author is proud to say his personal World Series track record has now officially settled at .500.


Ten trips.  Five championships.  (… and five finals game losses …)


No brag, just fact.


Well, yes, there is some swagger in there.  Aw, shucks.


Because of this proven track record of success over an extended period of time, our team has created its own identity among the global baseball world.


To participate in the World Series competition, about 32 teams enter our division alone.  They come from Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mexico and all over the good old U.S.A.


They all bring their best, and they throw their very best at us. 


This is The Show.  You have to show up – with rosters of about 20 players, 8-9 pitchers and a dozen fielders to play nine innings every day, seven days in a row. 


That’s a lot of wear and tear on a bunch of old coots.


But we all pursue it, and joyfully so.  


This year we had a hunch the deck was being dealt before we arrived.


So we didn’t.


We could have showed up as the Phillies in our red, white and blue uniforms.


We could have also put big targets on our backs.


I have little doubt the league would have figured out a way to handicap our path as they have several times in the recent past.


Perhaps the MLB Indians, Cubs, Rangers and Angels would have found their ways onto our schedule.  And that just in the 32 team pool play to qualify for the four team playoffs.

           Are we playing the Anaheim Angels today?


Why not?  We’re playing in their MLB spring training stadiums.


You see, they don’t like us a lot.  We win a lot. 


And believe me, this is no brag on my part.  I’m honored to be on this baseball squad.  


It’s pressure.  It’s stress.  If anybody says any different, they’re lying to cover up how nervous they are inside.


It’s always on your mind.  This is The World Series. 


YOU don’t want to be the one who fouls up and hurts your team.


Look, I’ve had a long career filled with torrents and turmoil the like of which I sincerely hope you never have to see or feel.  Truly.  


I’ve won massive victories and also lost everything I’ve owned. 


I can list several incidences in both of those columns.   


Examples?  OK – how about a board room full of executives? They’re unhappy with my company and demand to meet with me in person around their gigantic polished mahogany table?  No problem.  I’ll be there with bells on.


A bet that has taken on company-wide interest all the way up to The Boss?  I’m on the line to make an impossible sale or suffer the consequences of horse-laughs, humiliation and loss of respect?


Pas de problem, monsieur.  En garde – I’m ready.


But put me in left field in the fourth inning of the semi-final World Series baseball game against a lineup of power hitters.  


I can’t wait!  I sprint to get out there!  This is what I live for!  I’m ready.


And I’m nervous.


This ain’t my first rodeo.  It’s my tenth.  I’ve been here before, done great, screwed up.  I’m alive, happy and playing in an MLB outfield.


And I’m nervous.


Out here, things seem to change each year that throw wrenches into our spokes to interrupt our quest to collect rings.


There are a million things that can happen and derail a team’s chance to win one of those sparkly baubles.


It makes me reach, makes me play at my peak level, which is exhilirating. 


But my peak level is the warm up level for some of these guys on our team.


And I love this team.


So as I said at the outset, I’ve never been so proud to be a Philly than when I had to disguise myself as a Cub.

                                Not where the Phillies are …


In order to be “Not where the Phillies are …” we performed the following prestidigitation:


We merged our players with a team from Raynham, Massachussetts and played as the Cubs, wearing their uniforms.  


Last year, the Raynham Baseball Club went 0-5.


This year was a bit different:

                               The Cubs go 8 – 0!



The Bottom Line:

Game 1:                22 – 2       Cubs
Game 2:                15 – 0       Cubs
Game 3:                10 – 9       Cubs
Game 4:                15 – 8       Cubs
Game 5:                  9 – 3        Cubs
Quarterfinal:         17 – 1         Cubs
Semi-Final:             3 – 0        Cubs
Championship :    10 – 3        Cubs

    Dallas, Boston, Puerto Rico – all teammates, all winners.

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