You won’t believe how much you can increase sales with the incredible power of cookies – via long distance. 


And it’s almost as simple as sending a dozen Mrs. Fields Cookies in a FedEx box.


Last week we looked at the impact these goodies delivered to open meetings.  In this week’s Gonzo Selling! we look at the phenomenal long-range success this delivers.


{Up Front Qualification:  I name a couple of service providers by company name in this article.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with either of them.  They are only named for your reference because I choose to use their services.  This is for reasons stated in the article.}



Cookie-gram for Mr. McDuck



Web-footed skinflint, Scrooge McDuck, is the fourth in ...


Not only can you substantially increase sales with the incredible power of cookies in person – this also works certain magic via long distance.


If you want to make a memorable good impression with a prospective (or current) long-distance client:


1) Get 6 or 12 very good brand-name cookies.



Increase Sales With The Incredible Power Of - COOKIES

Sending a dozen fresh-baked cookies from a reputable national company like Mrs. Fields cookies increases sales with the incredible power of cookies.



I currently use Mrs. Fields cookies for several reasons:


A) They are readily available, fresh-baked, at local stores.
B) They sell attractive red cookie tins to protect them.
C) Most important, they’re a recognized national name brand.


This recognizable packaging alleviates fears of what’s inside.
And always include their company brochure promoting their cookies.


This makes for a very safe, recognizable, and identifiable package. Plus, the cookie tins have my business card taped to them, so clients know who’s accountable for the contents.


In 30 years of cookie-dome, I’ll give you one wild guess how many complaints I’ve received.  Zero. 


The president of Fox Photo told me it was the best initial marketing package he had ever seen.


2) Place the tin with the cookie company’s brochure inside a clean, professional-looking box.

(I prefer a purple and orange FedEx box.)

Tape your business card on top of the cookie tin.


3) As the late great, Elmer Wheeler said, “Don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle!”.


Include your most powerful, high-impact, intriguing, and minimal sales materials. 


(e.g. a cover letter with your single best-looking product sample, sales literature, etc.)  Remember, keep it minimal … you want them to remember this as a fun experience.


Increase Sales With The Incredible Power Of - COOKIES

It’s always a fun experience when you increase sales with the incredible power of cookies



“The medium is the message.”

Marshall McLuhan



The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin image 0


The very nature of your package automatically frames their thinking about you  – fun, creative, thoughtful – far apart from your competition that just tries to sell stuff.


4) Send it via Federal Express.


There’s something special about receiving a box delivered by FedEx.  It connotes urgency and importance just by its mode of delivery.  Plus, it’s usually signed for by someone in the office.


If someone comes into their office and there’s a box on their desk delivered by the Postal Service, it’s interesting.  They’ll get into it later.


Watch someone as they walk into their office and see a box marked FEDEX on their desk.  They usually open it right away.  It’s just human nature.  {I have no affiliation with this company other than admiring Fred Smith and employing their services.}


5) Track the package.


Detective Clipart - Sherlock Holmes Cartoon Magnifying ...


6) Call your prospect. 



When you determine that your package has been delivered, give it a half-day before you call your prospect.   Make sure they have time to open it. 


You’ll be surprised at the uptick in their tone of voice when they hear you on the phone after they’ve opened your box of cookies.


You may not be able to do this for every prospect, but let me show you what can happen if you do.


Rx for hospitals


In one of my favorite sales jobs our little band of iconoclastic sales reps comprised just one of 25 sales teams within our global distance learning company.  Each sales team averaged about 10 sales reps per division.


24 of the sales teams sold deals averaging about $5,000 in 2020 funds.  These divisions each produced a team average of about $250,000 per month (2020 money).  Their sales cycle averaged one to three months.


But our division’s market was hospitals.  Our annual revenue for deals was over ten times higher than any other division, about $60,000 each in 2020 money.  Consequently, our sales cycles were longer, averaging six to 12 months.  Our prime contacts were hospital administrators or directors of nursing, and these people are anything but easy to get on the phone.


Tough Cookies



Sometime just for fun, I entreat you to pick up the phone and try to connect directly with a hospital administrator.  I wish you luck. 

Hospital administrators employ honors graduates from the International School of Gatekeepers to deflect the huge volume of incoming sales phone calls.


And Buona Fortuna if you try to mail them your information.  Hospital administrators receive an average of 300 pieces of mail daily.  300.


So there we were, measured and evaluated against our other sales teams while selling deals ten times more expensive, with far longer sales cycles.



Nobody doesn’t like cookies



Suddenly our monthly sales revenues shot through the roof to the tune of $900,000 – $1,250,000 in today’s money.  We blew everyone away, including The Boss.


How did we do it?  Cookies.


Increase Sales With The Incredible Power Of - COOKIES

It’s OK to have fun in your job – especially when you increase your sales with the incredible power of cookies



We took a decidedly different approach than our sales colleagues.  Their modus operandi involved standard old plodding methods.  Calling, mailing, calling again, mailing again, with more calling, faxing, and emailing.  Hoping for deals to happen.


Conversely, at the start of every month, our team of 10 reps packed and shipped 50 FedEx boxes each to all-new prospects.  Grade school math shows this to be 500 total prospect boxes shipping out each month. 


Each box featured a dozen freshly baked cookies from a convenient Great American Cookie Company store.  We included a short, high-impact sales video and literature that promoted an offer and a deadline.


Cookies + Offer + Deadline = $,$$$$,$$$


The cookie bakers love us



The cookie bakers gave us a great deal – a deal for 500 dozen cookies each month, delivered to our division.


Our prospects and clients love us



Imágenes: agentes de seguridad | 3D agente de seguridad ...



Normally when a prospect opens a sales letter or envelope they might yawn, they might grimace, they might try their skyhook move toward the circular file.


Our FedEx boxes cut right through the clutter of mail atop their desks.  The aroma of a dozen fresh cookies permeated their office.  When they opened our sales packages they were delighted.  When we called, their voices picked up as soon as they knew who we were.


It was an unusual circumstance when we didn’t get a one-on-one conversation with the Very Top Officer in the hospital.  They enjoyed this departure from the sales norm.  Eventually, it was not uncommon that I received calls from administrators I ended up working with, just to talk.  For realz.


Our company loves us





Three years in a row our team of cookie monsters won the title of Top Revenue Producing Team among 25 total sales teams.  We also won the Greatest Percentage Increase of revenues, year on year.


More important, Cy Young and I won the company limousine for our annual company Christmas party.


We also made a ton o’ money.  The spiffs alone were awesome.  Other sales teams got $100 spiffs for their deals. Ours were $1,000.

My girlfriend loves us



One day during this phase of my sales career I got a late afternoon call at the office from my girlfriend.   She borrowed my new F150 pickup truck to make some deliveries for her new business.  And blew the engine.  $7,000 in today’s money.


I didn’t care.  I actually laughed at the irony.  Because that same day I took home $7,000 in cash spiffs for deals.


That’s the power of cookies.



‘Nuff Said


“If you are really thankful, what do you do?  You share.”

W. Clement Stone


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