Increase your sales

with the incredible power of



In this first of a two-part series, we’ll look at how well this works in person.


In next week’s Gonzo Selling! we look at the phenomenal long-distance success this delivers.

Increase sales with the incredible power of cookies

  Nobody doesn’t like cookies!

Chocolate chips and Macadamia nuts

invade the Big Apple


One sales assignment I truly enjoyed was brokering a new little company’s organically grown email address lists to the biggest companies in permission-based email marketing.


The big players in this rapidly growing new millennium industry were predominantly based in New York City and didn’t know anything about our little company.


I didn’t blame them.  They had little opportunity to hear of our D.C.-based company on their own.  Our only outbound contact person up until I arrived was our CEO.


So we had little outward exposure, and there was a lot of competition in the marketplace.  Beyond that, spammers and scammers cast a pall over the email list marketing industry as a whole.  The job had a lot of inertia to overcome.


My job was to shoot from the hip.  I couldn’t wait to get started! 


Though almost every company I contacted was based in New York City, I was in Dallas.  No problem.  The nature of this industry seemed perfect for long-distance inside sales with email and telephones.


Wrong on that, Harvey


I successfully made direct contact with my prime contact at each company by phone and email.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to develop a sustained line of communication, much less form any kind of relationship.


There was too much turbulence and electronic media interference in this burgeoning industry.


It didn’t take many days of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. phone calls and emails for me to arrive at an important conclusion.  Pinging away from the outside was like trying to attack a battleship with a slingshot.  I had to overcome big inertia in a big way, fast and – big.


Cookie-gram for Ms. McGillicutty …


I scheduled two in-person meetings per day from Monday through Friday in the Big Apple.  Each meeting was with the decision-maker for one of the biggest email list houses and I was well received.


But in every single case not only was I well received – I was very well received.


First, they almost unanimously opened our meetings with the same comment.  They thanked me for showing up to make a sales call in person:


You know, I’ve worked with a number of list providers over the past several years and I don’t think I’ve ever met one of them in person.  Just email and telephone. I think this is really great that you’re taking the time to come visit us like this.

Then, they loved the goodies.  I made sure every conference room session kicked off on a fun note.  We opened boxes of delicious French pastries and cookies, fresh from local Manhattan bakeries.


After that, they signed on with our little permission-based email marketing company.  Did they sign with us because of the patisseries?  Sure, there was the presentation, Q & A, integrity verification – but that was all child’s play. 


I’ll put it this way; they were certainly in a positive frame of mind from the outset of our meeting.  I went nine for ten on that trip.


No brag.  Just fact.


Increase sales with the incredible power of cookies

Take a box of fresh French pastries to open your next in-person meeting and see how you can increase sales with the incredible power of cookies


Increase your sales

with the incredible power of



In an unsolicited departure letter after I left this assignment, Our Boss wrote,


Our email marketing business was a new application to him, but within the first month Robert engaged many of the industry’s leading marketing firms and advertising agencies to employ our opt-in email lists in their campaigns.  He initiated and mobilized our new channel sales operation by contracting with top companies such as Yesmail, L90, Impower, Opt In Inc., B2B Works and Value Click.  In the case of Value Click, he successfully positioned the company’s email databases and lists in the coveted position of Preferred Vendor for most of their projects.


Improve Your Community with the Incredible Power of Cookies


Every Christmas Eve I load up my car with dozens of assorted Christmas Krispy Kreme donuts. A number of friendly neighborhood public offices I frequent are near my little Deep Ellum area of downtown Dallas.  Just to show appreciation for them being there – especially that night – I drop by with the Krispy Kremes:  the central police compound, fire department, hospital ER, ASPCA animal shelter, my bank, and the Main Post Office.


And lest you think this an “unhealthy” gift to these wonderful people … Guess who appreciates them with the most enthusiasm, by far.  The people staffing ER!


Nobody doesn’t like cookies.  Or pastries.  Or donuts.



Increase sales with the incredible power of cookies

Donuts work great too, if you want to increase sales with the incredible power of cookies – or donuts


‘Nuff Said


Coming June 3rd! 

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Increase Sales With the Incredible Power of – COOKIES – PART II


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