This is all about how to get your prospects and clients to call you.


Instead of beating yourself up making cold call after cold call, you can be answering instead of dialing.  Get your psospects and clients to call – you!

Here’s the deal – actually, I don’t have anything against cold calling.  It’s the essence of pure sales.  You can’t sell something to someone if you don’t make contact with them.  Unfortunately, in most B2B sales, and a lot of B2C sales, prospects don’t often initiate contact.

In my sales positions there were days I had a lot of fun making cold calls.  It’s all in your frame of mind.  If you’re in sales, you’re going to make cold calls.  So you need to figure out  how to make your company, your job, your outer attitude and your inner thinking allign to make cold calling fun.  That’s the subject of another blog.

But it sure helps your sales pipeline when you augment your sales efforts with something delivering prospects to you.


This is your Something Else


You’re probably not very different than me in sales.  I had prospects and clients with whom I could pretty much just pick up the phone, call, and talk.  I also had those who were more difficult, yet positive contacts.

Then there were those who I could never contact by phone, email, LinkedIn or whatever.  No matter what I did.

The funny thing is, the people who responded to the method I’m about to discuss were predominantly in the last group.  Those I could never reach.  Why?  I don’t have any idea.  I just know that this happened consistently over many years’ time.


 Make Yourself An Expert


Get your clients to call - YOU! Make yourself an expert.

When you make yourself an expert in your field you can get your prospects to call – you!


If you’re trying to sell somebody something, they don’t want to talk to you.  If they want to buy something from you, they will go out of their way to contact you.  As the great sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer is known to say, “People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.”

So how do you get them to contact you?

Become an expert whose knowledge and opinion they value.  Then, they contact you for information.

I know what you’re thinking:  How do I do that?  I’m just a salesperson in a Boof with a phone and a laptop.  They don’t know me.  I’m not famous.  How do they think I’m an expert in my field, someone they want to contact?


How You Do It – Your eNewsletter


You probably have a pretty good email list of prospects and clients.  If they’re all trapped within your company’s kludge-fest CRM, go into it, pull them out, make your own clean email list.  Maybe make two separate lists for clients and for prospects, or parce your email lists any way you like. is an excellent vehicle to use to create and deliver your eNewsletters.  (I have no association with this company except as a user/client with good overall experiences.)

The point is, you want to be seen as an expert?  Put out a monthly eNewsletter.  That’s what experts do. It’s easy, doesn’t take much time, and puts you in front of your prospect and client base on a predictable schedule.

By sending it out once a month, you’re not obtrusive.  They don’t get mad at you for sending it.  I never had one request to unsubscribe.  But if you make your content good enough, they’ll look forward to seeing it.

Some of them will reply back with a thank you note. Somewhat surprisingly, those are the ones I could never reach.  This opened channels that were completely closed before and got me engaged with them.

I would get some positive comments on following phone calls, or an email thank-you reply now and then from a good client.  But nobody – nobody – responded like those I could never reach.  Again – why?  I have no idea.  I just know it works.


How To Structure Your eNewsletter


Keep it short.  Keep it high impact.  Keep it positive and friendly.  Keep it fully directed at their needs, their interests.  Make it totally free of anything relating to sales of your product or service.  And personalize it with first or last name options if at all possible.

This is an honest, altruistic effort by you to enhance their knowledge of their industry.  Courtesy of you.

In your very first inaugural eNewletter, introduce who you are and why you’re sending it to them – to be of help.  Say that you hope they will enjoy your monthly newsletters like the one they’re reading.

Give it a name, develop a nice little masthead.  Anything you can do to make it look professional helps.  But frankly, mine were just plain text with links.

And that is the magic of your eNewsletter.  The links.


Your eNewsletter’s Content


To get your prospects to call you, send content that is to your prospect's interest

When you send content that to your prospect’s interest you get your prospects to call – you!


Make every eNewsletter completely for their benefit – nothing directly about you or your company.  This is something you want them to open and read, because they get value from it.  If it’s loaded with sales-speak, they won’t.

If it contains consistently good, verifiable new ideas that can help them do a better job, they will.

Here’s how to collect content for your eNewsletter.  Get on a number of email lists for articles, blogs and videos about your industry.  More important, about your prospects’ industries.  This is where you can obtain the meat of your email content.

I guarantee that within every 30 day time period, you will receive intriguing articles about your industry.  They can be about new marketing trends (that fall into your company’s sweet spot), or national buying tendencies, new facts, figures, studies, etc.

There is so much new information flying around everywhere, every day, you will find this is not difficult.  The difficult part becomes winnowing them all down to just two or three of the best articles.

In your eNewsletters provide links to articles or blogs you personally select to be potentially the most intriguing, interesting and valuable.  Maximum numbert of links:  three.

Two article links is not enough.  It looks weak.  More than three are too many.  They will get confused by the volume and variety.  And …


A Confused Mind Always Says No


How to get your prospects to call you - don't confuse them

When you don’t confuse your prospects with TMI you can get your prospects to call – you!


Offer three choices, tops.

“Too much choice is no choice”.  Don’t think that by providing This Month’s Top 20 Articles About Your Business that it ads value.  It doesn’t.  Too much means they don’t even look at all of your offerings.  They click to the next email.

Remember, keep it short. Keep it high impact; keep it positive and friendly.

Below is what my first eNewsletter looked like when I introduced it to my audience a few years back.

In this sales position I worked principally with people in marketing for their company’s products and services.  This you will see in my inaugural eNewsletter content:


Digital Media  Marketing eNews


As one of the articles below indicates, digital media is expected to overtake TV in just 2 years.

Our company recently rebranded itself from XXX to XXXX to more accurately identify who we are and what we do, though you may know us more familiarly as,,, or

On a daily basis I review many newsletters, bulletins and announcements pertaining to digital media marketing.  I thought some of these might be of interest to my colleagues in marketing and advertising.

If you’d like to read current articles about online marketing that may be of help to you, I invite you to check them out.

Below are two articles posted online this week I thought you might like to review, with one humorous reality check about investing from a former hedge fund manager – for today’s Levity Break:

Digital to Overtake TV Ad Spending in 2 Years, Says Forrester  (11/4) from Marketing Dive

B2B Content Marketing Report (11/4) from Spiceworks

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for investing All of Your Money  James Altucher

If I can be of help with your digital marketing plans to reach the Public Safety Community, let me know.  I’m always happy to be of help.


Bob Workman


Enhance yours with photos, graphs, charts, anything visually appealing that helps them get engaged with your message.

I wish you good hunting, good selling and good writing!


Don't be surprised at the quality sales calls you receive when you learn how to get your prospects to call - you!

You may be surprised by the quality sales calls you receive from your prospects when you learn how to get your prospects to call – you!

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