This is all about how to beat
your B2B sales CRM

Part II


I love the emails I receive from these Gonzo Selling! blogs.  Below is one I think you’ll enjoy, too.  I haven’t edited one iota of it so it’s as straight forward as it gets.

Tell me, my friend and colleague – how do you really feel about Corporate B2B sales CRMs?

What happened to SELLING ?


Selling has been around for centuries, since civilization evolved and communications were developed and used.  The sales guy of the last century was a hard working person with high work ethics; and was very organized.


He or she would develop their own system of tracking customers and prospects.  They didn’t have thousands of names, they had a hundred; but they knew their opportunities.


The 3″ by 5” paper card quickly became the media of success.  They had their entire “data base” in their grasp; and when they left all of that knowledge left with them.


People who can’t sell often design tools to be used by successful salespeople.  That should tell you something there.


Back up 25+ years with a company named ACT!  They were a handy application that replaced the paper cards and not much more.  It would organize your tasks and time; it helped if you sat at a desk a lot; no laptops back then so the information you needed was in your office/home PC.


More unsuccessful sales guys began to develop a “reporting” side and they became SalesFarce, a CRM or customer relationship management tool.  They studied the most successful sales people and built spread sheets around their activities.




Roy sells $100,000 a year
Roy does 22 face to face sales calls a week
Roy does 5 proposals a week
Roy completes 50 outbound telephone calls
Roy is successful BECAUSE of this formula.


Therefore, Mr. Exec, you can hire idiots and give them this marching order; get a mindless sales manager and he can beat them until they quit.   Managers loved the new tool, it was CYA in its finest hour.


Sales managers went into meetings armed with pages of SalesFarce reports; proving their value to the company.  Sales guys were becoming accountable to ACTIVITY, not revenue.   Because they incorrectly believed activity drives sales.


Look how stupid this is!  These spread sheets and software were written around successful Roy……ROY DIDN’T USE SALESFARCE BACK THEN YOU IDIOT.  Roy was successful on his own; had he been held accountable to activity …. He would have failed.


I suggest you shy away from your company’s CRM and do the minimum you have to do in adding information.


You are wasting your time and promoting the people above you to continue their mindless activities.


I would add to this, the notion that if you’re sick or hurt you should not worry because your boss will log on to your SalesFarce account and close your deals FOR YOU.  You’ll still get 100% credit.  THAT’S A LIE.


They can’t wait till you stub your toe to fire you and then hire some 22 yr old with NO experience, and give him your accounts.


Don’t document ANYTHING in the company CRM… if you need to buy your own copy….don’t let anyone have access to your CRM      EVER!!!!!


Would Roy be successful today?  I bet not.  

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A pitcman with product in hand on an old tube TV set with rabbit ear antenna.

How to beat your B2B sales CRM:   Kids! Romans! Countrymen! Get your HIRED GUN CRM-IN-A-BOX! (from Bobco!)

Sales reps!


Do you suffer from MEETING-ITIS?

a guy asleep at his desk in an office meeting

Do you suffer from MEETING-ITIS?


Do your HELICOPTER MANAGERS hover around until they get their annual, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly REPORTS?

The jerk Initech manager in Office Space

Do your HELICOPTER MANAGERS hover around until they get their annual, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly REPORTS?


Do you WASTE SO MUCH TIME filling out boxes and stages in your CRM – so they get their reports – that you hardly have time left to make sales calls?

harried woman on her phone in her office at her desk

Do you WASTE SO MUCH TIME filling out boxes and stages in your CRM – so they GET their reports – that you hardly have time left to make sales calls?


Do you feel like doing THIS to that nit-picking CRM you’re forced to use?


You may THINK there’s no alternative!
You may WISH someone could save you!
You may FEAR there’s nowhere to turn!




Introducing …


It slices!

It dices!!
It makes Julienne Fries!!!

WATCH the look of dismay on your managers’ faces when they discover your technological downgrade!

SEE them recoil at the thought of your independence!

FEEL the impact of their, “1 on 1 in my office – now!”


Hey – Robert’s part German! You know Germans always make good stuff!

photo of the inside of the CRM-IN-A-BOX

How to beat your B2B sales CRM You get everything you need! Blank 3″ x 5″ index cards, separator cards numbered 1-31, PLUS 12 labelled monthly index tab dividers. All contained in your own attractive and rugged locking Vault! Hand signed by Robert Workman – your friendly neighborhood Sales Hired Gun.

Photo of the back of the HIRED GUN CRM IN A BOX

How to beat your B2B sales CRM Be the first one on your block to get your own HIRED GUN CRM-IN-A-BOX! (by BOBCO) Be the envy of yorur friends!  Astonish your mother-in-law!


Be the first one on your sales team to break free of your CRM shackles!  Increase your number of calls!  Increase your quality time on each call!  Increase your sales! Increase your bottom line revenue contribution!  Increase your income!  Make more money!  Spend more money! Buy more stuff!  Improve the economy! Solve world peace!  All with one easy email to your friendly neighborhood Sales Hired Gun!

Email to get yours – TODAY!




All seriousness aside – I feel your pain!

Sometimes I’ve wanted to draw my six-shooter and give my company-issued CRM the same treatment Elvis gave TV sets …


picture of a single action six shooter firing with smoke

How to beat your B2B sales CRM:  Sometimes I’ve wanted to draw my six-shooter and give my company issued CRM the same treatment Elvis gave TV sets …


(ACTUALLY – These are for sale.  As pictured above.  We just don’t have them on our web site yet.  Email and we’ll ship your very own HIRED GUN CRM-IN-A-BOX with Free Shipping!  Each box is hand signed on the inside top cover by your friendly neighborhood Sales Hired Gun.  ONLY $28.88 via pay pal!)


The thing is, you can make this kit yourself for about $6.50


Just go to your local office supply store.  Buy the 3″ x 5″ box, the blank index cards, the dividers numbered 1-31 and the dividers marked for every month, January – December.  Hint:  You may have to order some of the index tab separators online if they don’t have them in stock.

How To Use your CRM-IN-A-BOX

Following is my full in-depth high-tech knowledge-transfer session on how to fully use this astonishing technology!

All this is, is a little plastic box that fits 3″ x 5″ index cards.  Inside is your entire Contact Resource Management System.  A stack of 3″ x 5″ index cards.

Write your client or prospect’s name, company name, address, phone number, email, etc. in the Top Left Corner.  In pencil.

Why in pencil?  So you can erase it and change it.

Write any pertinent at-a-glance information Notes about your prospect or about your conversations – below all the contact information.  In pencil.

In the Top Right Corner write the date of your next action and the time it takes place if it’s a call or a scheduled meeting.  In pencil.

Then you just file it in your CRM-IN-A-BOX under the numbered index tab for the date you want to call back.  For example, if it’s the 22nd of this month, file it ahead under 22.

Each morning, pull out all the cards behind that date’s tab and start making your calls.  Make your calls in order of priority.


businessman on telephone holding coffee cup



If your follow up is going to be a month or two away, just file it back under one of the future Month index tabs.  For example, if its in April a few months ahead, file it under APRIL.

So, when April Fools Day arrives, pull all your cards out from behind the APRIL index tab and you’re already mining your gold for the month ahead with scheduled calls for that month.  File each APRIL card under the numbered index tab for the date you wrote in the top right corner.

And you’re off to the races!


photo of the inside of the CRM IN A BOX

The Hired Gun CRM-IN-A-BOX! It slices! It dices!! It makes Julienne fries!!!

It’s compact and portable.

It fits in your hand.

It fits in your briefcase.

It fits in your desk.

PLUS –  I’ll bet you can significantly increase your number of calls.  Therefore you’ll also increase your number of quality conversations.  You’ll surpase the RESULTS you can achieve over the pedantic system you’re currently forced to use that shackles your sales efforts.




Order yours, Today!


For a real high-tech solution, come back next week for PART III !

It involves a computer and everything!


‘Nuff Said


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How To Beat Your B2B Sales CRM –      Part III


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Photo of inside of the CRM-IN-A-BOX

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