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When you learn how to beat your B2B sales CRM you’ll be marching to the beat of a different drummer.


Last week we reviewed how to beat your sales B2B CRM with the Hired Gun CRM-In-A-Box.  Today, for those of you who prefer something a bit more electronic – here’s the HIRED GUN solution for your handy dandy Electronic Data System …


CD-ROM of Goldmine CRM program

Hey, Nineteen – This is a CD-ROM.  Goldmine v 6.7 on CD.  Prepare to shop around …


Hey, Nineteen – this is called a CD-ROM.  It was a big deal back in the 80s and 90s.

You see, back then, you could buy one of these CD-ROMs with an excellent CRM program on it like GOLDMINE 6.7 – as you see here – or ACT!  (or others).

In my humble opinion, ACT! and GOLDMINE! are two of the best stand alone sales contact management programs ever developed.

Kind of like the old Chevy small block V8 engine – the most popular V8 engine ever produced and raced everywhere from Indy to Daytona to LeMans.


chevrolet V8 engine

The Chevy small block V8 engine would have made a great little CRM – it worked, it didn’t break, it won.


It did it’s job and it didn’t break.  Same with these CRMsBut here’s the rub …

If they make a product that is truly great and lasts forever, what are they going to do to create future revenue streams?

I was at a huge trade show once where one of my sales assignments was to call on Liftmaster garage door products.  I hated setting up trade show Boofs.  Who doesn’t?

So I performed the tasks of Office Gopher and got us some pastries and coffee while “we” set up our Boof.  At the coffee stand I did a little bit of detective work and finagling and learned their VP of Marketing was there early, setting up the Liftmaster BOOF as we were setting up ours.  

“Here’s your coffee guys, I’ll be back in a minute,” I said as I dropped off the team goodies.  l palmed a couple cups and high-tailed it to the Liftmaster Boof.

After I introduced myself over my coffee offering I crowed a bit about my own personal success with their products.  I love Liftmaster.  I’ve used the same Liftmaster jackshaft garage door opener on my downtown warehouse solid steel door for 30 years.


Metal garage door pained yellow and black like the Ferrari logo Cavallino Rampante

My Liftmaster is running strong after 30 years of daily use – the Goldmine 6.7 of garage door lifts. They both work reliably, don’t break and only cost money once.


His friendly grin turned into a friendly grimace when he replied, “Yeah, that’s kind of a problem we’re having.  They never wear out!”

These stand alone CD based CRM programs were silenced because they were built too well.  They work.  They last as long as your computer lasts.  


Man in suit with silver tape over his mouth

Most stand alone CRM programs get silenced because they last too long, let salespeople sell, and cost too little.


The popular trend today across the majority of software platforms is, they’re:

1) online, mostly in “the Cloud” (aka Google or Evernote).
2) subscription based
3) about $50/user/month minimum – forever

So you used to be able to pony up about $120 to buy one of these little gems, install it on your laptop and go to town.  But now you get a FREE 30 day trial period to try a brand new online subscription based CRM program.

What happens at the end of that 30 days if you don’t like it?  You get the opportunity to rebuild all your contact data into some other program that you’ll try – that also offers a – 30 day free trial. 

Usually there’s no way in hell you’re going to be able to retrieve your data from your 30 Day Free Trial software program.  You can’t transfer it to some other CRM.  You just won’t be able to access it any more – unless you sign up to pay recurring monthly charges – forever.

At the end of your 30 day free trial, if you decide you like your new cloud-based monthly subscription CRM and want to keep it – you can pay only $50 a month – and that’s just individually for one person – for the rest of your career.

“But – But – it’s only $50 a month!”

That translates to $600 a year – or precisely five times the price it cost when it was available for outright purchase on CD-ROM.

Recently, I saw a brand new box for 2018 Act! Pro v20 on eBay for $450.  It’s created for new technology computers up to Windows 10.  (Two years ago when it came out it was only around $325 – You might want to “act now and avoid future regret!”)


Act! Pro v20 (2018) DVD

You can get this DVD version of Act! Pro v20 (2018) DVD for about $450. and you own it. Plus all your data.


But here’s what your iconoclastic, independent, contrarian don’t-take-no-for-an-answer friendly neighborhood HIRED GUN did:

I dug out my good old trusty reliable GOLDMINE (6.7) CD-ROM.

This old CD only works on laptops up through the old XP platform, and I’m partial to it from years of use, kind of like a comfortable old shoe.

If you can find a CD of GoldMine or ACT! like this, I’d suggest buying it.  Here’s why:  You can use it right away, it still works great, and it may well do everything you need to do on a daily sales call basis.  Plus, it’s relatively cheap and it doesn’t break.   ‘Nuff Said?


If your laptop runs on Windows 7 – you’re in good shape!


This link takes you to a page where Microsoft provides an XP Download you can put right on your Windows 7 computer.

OR – I bought a refurbished Dell XP Laptop on eBay for the whopping total of just $89.

I installed my old Goldmine CD on it, keyed in the passwords, and was off to the races.



When you beat your B2B sales CRM you’ll be off to the races!


But you can go online and and find all kinds of CRM software available for sale for about $100.  I just mentioned ACT! Pro v20 because it’s designed to run on newer Windows 10 computers and ACT! used to be a great program – so I hope it still is, today.

I don’t know if any of the others out there are any good – I just know that what I have is bullet-proof so I figured out a way to make it work for me – despite today’s allegedly “superior subscription technologies”.

It lives on my own personal laptop.
– never leaves
– nobody else has access to my data
– never crashes on somebody else’s mismanaged network
– no future monthly payments – ever
– it works, predictably and reliably

I can advance through my calls for the day, lickety-split.  Pull up the record, dial the phone, make the call, record the notes, schedule a call back, go to the next record.

That fast; that easy.

Try doing that with your kludgy in-house P.O.S.  I mean, CRM …




You can be truly bullet proof and crash proof with the Hired Gun CRM-IN-A-BOX.  Only $28.88 wherever contrarian sales tools are sold.

You can buy an old CD-ROM version of CRM software like my Goldmine 6.7 for about $70.  But they aren’t easy to find.  Probably because nobody wants to part with them!





Get a reconditioned XP laptop – just like mine – for about $90.  Or, you can download the Microsoft XP Download for a Windows 7 computer and run it on that. 

Run your Goldmine or ACT! CRM on your laptop and never have to pay another dime.  You’ll outperform and out-produce everyone else who is chained to their Management Approved CRM with it’s built-in impediments to sales activities like boxes, stages, reports and other GIGO …

Or you can go online and buy one of the many new CRM software options.  Again, I see these online for about 100 dollars and I just saw the new 2018 ACT! Pro version available for $450 on eBay.

BY THE WAY:  I have no selective interest or financial gain from any sales software provider.  FAR FROM IT.  I’m just citing names and terms I know from personal experience.

Because, frankly speaking, I prefer to stick with my trusty HIRED GUN CRM IN A BOX!


Photo of the back of the HIRED GUN CRM IN A BOX

Be the first one on your block to get your own HIRED GUN CRM -IN-A-BOX! (by BOBCO) Be the envy of yorur friends!


The fun part takes place when your manager comes by your desk and notices that you’re using something different – something simple, something effective, something that really works.


Smarmy sales manager

I need you to use OUR CRM from now on – yeah, that’d be grrrreat –


SALES MANAGER:  Say, I just came by to see what you’re doing.  You’ve been blowing everyone away with your call volume and your numbers lately!  (…. Pause ….) What’s that?  

SALES REP:  That’s my new HIRED GUN CRM-IN-A-BOX, Mr. Manager Person….

SALES MANAGER:  (Picks ups the box, fumbles around with it, opens it, looks at it, sets it back down.)   That’ll never work for you.

 SALES REP:  Mmm-Hmmm.

SALES MANAGER:  There”s no way you can fit enough information on those little cards.  

SALES REP:  Mmm-Hmmm.

SALES MANAGER:  I can’t pull my reports from that!

SALES REP:  (Smiling) – Mmm-Hmmm.

… and watch their heads explode.  (CAUTION – the video clip linked here is a climactic moment from the horror movie, Scanners)

At my first inside sales position our sales team numbered 20 guys.  One guy was #1 month in and month out.  By at least a 10% difference between him and second place every month. 

We all followed the internal company doctrine of creating a “paperless office” by using our handy dandy computers for all contact information.  They were slow as hell and the CRM was a reworked inventory management program.  

The #1 guy used the HIRED GUN CRM-IN-A-BOX in conjunction with a suspension file folder system for extended notes on accounts and prospects.  His two file system on paper substantially outproduced the “paperless office”.

‘Nuff Said


“If you are really thankful, what do you do?  You share.”      W. Clement Stone


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