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How To Make Yourself Indestructible


There are a thousand programs out there that teach you “How-To-Sell”  –
most of which are really good.

What they all miss is how to handle the natural adversities and occupational hazards
of the sales profession.  They miss what happens when you master their skills.  They
bail out before you learn how to deal with your life as a successful salesperson.

Case In Point:  Sales is one of the few job roles where the better you are,
the harder it may be to keep your job.

And I am one of the world’s leading experts on that from direct experience.

You may be aware from my books that I am classified in Myers-Briggs Personality Test terms as an “ENTP”.  This basically translates to “one exciting challenge after another”.  And if you’ve followed my career you’ll know this has definitely been the case.

  1. For example, in 1987 I was very literally, “riding high in April, shot down in May …” when our vulture capitalist backers sold us out to our competition and we were all suddenly fired the first day after Memorial Day weekend.

                                                Gone With The Wind
33 years old; lost everything I had.

We produced today’s equivalent of $35,000,000 in banked revenue our first 10 months, and got sold out.   Lost everything I had: ranch, home, cattle, horses, cars, trucks, trailers, pet wolves, 14 year marriage …

So I sat in my living room amongst 10,000 square feet of, nothing.  I walked across the expanse to my bar, poured a drink and put on a song:


That’s Life!


Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life has nothing on me.

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a piper, a poet,
 a pawn and a king.  I’ve been up, and down
and over and out, and I know one thing.
time I find myself flat on my face I
myself up and get back in the race.”

Based on a Track Record of Resilience


That was just the first debacle.  What you learn in How To Make Yourself Indestructible is how I overcame that, plus all of these:

2) Started my own direct mail advertising company.  Had to close it three years later when postage rates increased 100% the same time the Desert Storm War in Iraq broke out and ad revenues plummeted 50%.

                        Built my second advertising company.
Conditions forced closure after 3 years.

3) Enjoyed the hell out of a great five year gig selling distance learning.  Made a lot of money. #1 salesperson among 300 for 3 years. Fired.

                       #1 in sales for 3 years over 800 reps.
Sold more than several 10 person divisions.

4) Built an eight state regional office for a high tech software company out of Brisbane, California.  Expanded with an office manager, appointment setter, sales rep and myself.  New execs came into power.  Black Widow of HR showed up to close our office.

                              Loved this company and my people.
Upper execs changed.
Our office was closed.

5) Joined a sales team of 100 and became #1 in total revenue production within three months. One year later still as #1 in sales, fired.  My response email declining the group hugs directed by our CEO after 9/11 was not well received.

                                   “I don’t want to participate in any group hugs; I want to sell.”
“You’re fired.”

6) Five of us opened a new business during the economic turndown of 2002 selling clinical education videos to cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic dentists.   It became a cash generating machine. 

We expanded to 8 sales reps, doubled production – then the economic crash of 2008 forced us to close in 2009.  When nobody had any money in 2008/9, they didn’t get elective cosmetic procedures. And when people didn’t get cosmetic procedures, doctors and dentists didn’t buy those clinical education programs.

                        Second overall at Dallas Ferrari Car Club, 2005.
Gone with the Wind, 2009.

And those are the high points!

There are other assignments sprinkled within these that weren’t that great. One job I left after one month. Bozos. 

But these six are the businesses that produced peak incomes and are demarcated by the acquisition of a Ferrari.  My Achilles heel.

How To Make Yourself Indestructible is the ultimate guide to resilience and overcoming adversity.  It teaches you how to WIN in these times of challenge.

Yes, you learn how to navigate the sometimes testy waters between sales staff and leadership to make yourself fire-proof.  But you also learn how to deal with anything that blindsides you.

In one hour you will learn:

Resilience – how to reinvent yourself.  How to adapt for new positions in new industries.  What tools you already have at your disposal to do it.

Real Thought Leaders – what’s in your mind impacts your feelings, emotions, actions and your sales.

Your Effectual Field – how to build aura, charisma, dynamism, magnetism. How to make a positive impact on every person you interact with.

Negative people – How they affect your resilience and how to get them out of your life.

– how to deal with companies folding or being sold, positions getting terminated or getting fired – so you can pivot effectively.

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How To Make Yourself Indestructible
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