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So there you are, traveling across three states to close your Big Deal with your new Big Client.  You’re looking forward to this trip and this deal as much as you’re looking forward to watching The Big Game on TV.  




The problem is, other than airport TVs that only show current event commentaries you don’t want to hear, access to TV coverage while traveling is severely limited.  Until now.




Now you can watch pretty much any TV channel that broadcasts live, from pretty much anywhere you can get Internet coverage, pretty much any time.  And it’s free.





Pick up your phone, turn on your earbuds, go online to

Go to and watch 93 free streaming tv channels

And watch virtually unlimited free TV.


I love these guys.  Because of them, I save hundreds of dollars by forgoing multiple cable channel and streaming service subscriptions.  The only thing they don’t provide is a DVR service.



Here’s how it works (It’s extremely simple):



Go to

On their home page, you will see a long alphabetized list of TV channels, numbered 1-93.

That’s right, there are 93 channels, including YES – the New York Yankees channel.

Scroll down, find one you want to see, click on it, then click on its video screen.




Press the magic buttons and watch free TV!



Free TV!


Courtesy of … meeeeeeeeeeee!

(I’ll send you my bill.)



What’s my connection with this great free service? 


None.  They don’t know I exist.  And there is no affiliate link for me of any kind when you go to their site.  I just love this service.


It’s fun watching a new person find it on their phone and tune in to something they want to see right then. Right there; on the spot.


The site has a top navigation bar with buttons for types of channels: Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, and even a real-time TV Guide.  For 93 free TV channels.

Is this a great country, or what?




Every major network, every major sports network, news channel, even Turner Classic Movies.



I give it 3 1/2 stars.



“Joe Bob says, Check it out.”


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