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The better you are, the more likely you are to get fired or retired— especially if you’re at the very top of your profession.

With Selling, the Most Dangerous Game, defeat industry politics and stay at the top of your game with the income to match. A #1 salesperson, sales trainer, and entrepreneur for over four decades, Robert Workman provides step-by-step advice and expert wisdom you need to ensure that adversity and politics won’t destroy your high-performance sales career.


The risks of being the best at your job and how to use them to your advantage. How to choose a mentor or coach who will provide the most value to your life and work.
Identifying internal company and management change not in your best interest and leveraging them for your benefit.
The power of your single greatest asset to sell more, achieve top sales status, and stay there.
For top salespeople in real estate, marketing, and every industry in between, this is the ultimate guide to maximize sales, crush the competition, and take advantage of today’s hardball business tactics to win the most dangerous game!

Testimonials from world leaders

Anthony Iannarino

Author of Eat Their Lunch!

“Workman provides you with the unvarnished truth about
selling as a hired gun, and more important, how to adopt
the mindset to succeed in spite of the all the roadblocks,
obstacles, and other characters you’ll meet along the way.
Read the stories, pay careful attention to the lessons!

Jim Cathcart

Published Author & Speaker

“Bob Workman is … a storyteller par excellence!
This is a book for two types of people: those who live the
kick-ass, take-no-prisoners lifestyle; and those who wish
they could … Strap on your guns and take a ride with Workman,
you’ll be better for it.”



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HIRED GUN® – You’re #1, and Somebody Hates It


Robert’s Infographic: Selling to The Boss!

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A PDF copy of Robert’s Best Selling book:  HIRED GUN® – You’re #1, and Somebody Hates It

Robert’s Infographic: Selling to The Boss!

A private one hour Zoom coaching call with Robert for you and your team.

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A PDF copy of Robert’s Best Selling book: HIRED GUN® – You’re #1, and Somebody Hates It

Robert’s Infographic: Selling to The Boss!

List of 134 positive words to use when writing your new, improved identity.

A private one-hour Zoom coaching call with Robert for you and your team.

A personal one-hour one-on-one call with Robert.

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